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Wipe & Bottle Warmer

Wipes & Bottle Warmer


Wipes & Bottle Warmer

Bottle & Wipe Warmer

1. Material
All parts made of BPA free plastic.
2. Friendly use either by AC or DC operation
Power supply either by AC/DC adapter (indoor use), or by DC adapter for car use.
3. Multi-Functional
One device provides two functions of wipes warmer and bottle warmer with the temperature as 45°C~55 °C to help the baby’s nursing job become easy.
4. Expandable Bottle Holder
Bottle holder is expandable by pulling its edge upper for a full covering to the milk bottle to perform a well milk warming.
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AC/DC adapter: 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
DC adapter 12VDC/2A