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  • Orthotic Cervical Collar/Extrication Collar
    Orthotic Cervical Collar/Extrication Collar

    Othotic Cervical Collar is designed to be used in the treatment of neck strain or sprain. OH-005 Cervical Orthosis is an advanced neck brace, with scientific design that ensures complete immobilization with perfect comfort. Othotic Cervical Collar is made from a special lightweight high density, non-absorbent, sturdy foam, that is easy to clean and maintain. The mandibular (front) and occipital (back) splints limit flexion and extension movements of cervical spine. Othotic Cervical Collar is available in sizes S, M, L, XL.

  • Trachea Opening Cervical Collar
    Trachea Opening Cervical Collar

    Trachea Opening Cervical Collar provides the neck moderate to firm immobilization. OH-031 Tracheostomy Collar is made of high grade foam material. The trachea opening allows quick carotid pulse monitoring and emergency tracheotomies. The ventilation openings on the back shell can reduce heat and moisture during usage for maximum patient comfort. Trachea Opening Cervical Collar fits on patients with different neck heights and circumferences with adjustable loop. OH-031 Cervical Collar with Trachea Opening is X-ray, CT and MRI lucent.

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