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Maternity and Nursing Products | Asia Connection Co., Ltd. supplies emergency medical and homecare products with FDA registration, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certificates, along with design, OEM, and manufacturing capabilities.

Maternity and Nursing Products

Maternity and Nursing Products

Nursing Pad/Breastmilk Storage Bag/Nipple Shield

Maternity and nursing products are designed to make life easy for moms, providing comfort and support from pregnancy to birth and beyond. Our maternity and nursing products include breast shield, breastmilk storage bag, breast pad and more – a vital requirement for expectant and nursing moms.

We provide our international customers with flexible private labeling and customized options and low MOQs. Equipped with a team of experienced sales representatives and regulatory affairs staff, Asia Connection considers clients’ requests as its top priority and is dedicated to delivering better infant care, nursing, and home care products around the world.


A hands-free breast pump bra holds the two breast shields of a double breast pump gently in place while lactating women express, and helps lactating women collect breast milk for their baby. A hands-free breast pump bra especially comes in very useful for lactating moms who are on their phone, laptop, reading a book, or playing with another child; the hands-free design gives the freedom for moms to work on other tasks or simply relax while pumping.

A bottle and wipe warmer heats up both bottle and wipes to the exact right temperature(45°C~55°C) for your baby. Heating baby wipes is a matter of urgent necessity for a baby's well-being and certainly increases baby’s comfort and improves their disposition during changing. The bottle and wipe warmer can be used for warming jars of baby food as well.

A microwave steam sterilizer bag is a safe and fast way to sterilize pumping accessories. This bag is helpful when the pumping accessories need to be cleaned quickly, especially when the dishwasher is full or pumping on-the-go. Simply put water and your pumping accessories to the bag and microwave and the accessories will be cleaned in seconds!

Nursing pads, or nursing breast pads, are absorbent pads which are used to prevent breast milk leakages from seeping through bras and other garments. Nursing pads are highly absorbent, and are usually designed to wick any breast milk which leaks out into the center of the pad, keeping it away from the nipple without staining the bra or outer garments. The pads can be worn inside a nursing bra, or attached with adhesive tape.

Breast milk storage bags are plastic bags made specifically for the collection and storage of breast milk. Breast milk storage bags are designed to withstand the freezing, storing, and thawing process.

A nipple shield, also known as a breast shield, is a flexible silicone nipple that is worn over the mom’s nipple during a feeding. Nipple shields are usually in round shape and have holes at the end of the nipple section to allow the breast milk to pass through. Nipple shields are usually used in various situations, for instance, when the baby has difficulty in latching on, when the nursing moms have flat, retracted, or inverted nipples, when the baby is pre-mature or tongue-tied, etc.

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We have many years of experience in export business and have shipped products to customers worldwide. Over the years we have established our reputation as a truly reliable and responsible business partner for our clients. Our full range of products complies with CE and FDA, and all products are inspected to ensure good quality prior to shipment. Browse our complete offerings of Maternity and Nursing products thoroughly and send us an inquiry today! Our experienced sales team will respond to your questions immediately!

Maternity and Nursing Products

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Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bag - Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bag
Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bag

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Breastmilk Storage Bag - Breastmilk Storage Bag
Breastmilk Storage Bag

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Cold & Hot Breast Pad

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Breast Shield - Nipple Shield
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Portable Multi-Mode Mini Massager

Portable Multi-Mode Mini Massager relieves muscle discomfort, enhances blood circulation, and achieves...

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Asia Connection specializes in medical and homecare products that are indispensable in ambulances, emergency rooms, and other critical care settings. Ensure optimal patient outcomes with our high-quality products. Whether you prefer disposable PVC or reusable Silicone, Asia Connection provides a range of Manual Resuscitator BVMs to meet the diverse needs of hospitals and wholesale buyers.

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