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Get New Here-Brand New Nasal Aspirator ME8202X


ME8202X Plus Comfort Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator


Plus Comfort Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator in Asia Connection is drastically well-received and supported among customers for years.  With the goal to elevate the fuction, to highlighten its delicacy and to meet up with ergonomics in opepration, Asia Connection is constructing and presenting you the lastest version and we sincerely welcome you to know more about our profound product.   Try to GET IT, USE IT and U WILL LOVE IT!


* Little Noise

Asia Connection disminishes the noise in aspirator operating for mothers and we believe infants can be keen at sounds inluding noises, making them nervous and bothered. To accomplish the incident, thorough inspections and modifications are performed to avoid any noise during the operation. 

* Fantastic Design

"We want beatiful and glamorous nasal aspirators."   YES!  Asia Connection is always here to fulfill your needs. We collected and revised for couple times on the figure, material quality and textures. Ugly and old-fashioned model, OUT! PLUS COMFORT is your choice! 

* Ergonomic design allows great grip and control

"David, the nasal aspirataor you bought yesterday is too hard to use."   This sounds so familiar, right? As for the latest verson, we reinforce the handle grip to be easily held and controlled while operating. You do not need to use this nasal asporator awkwardly and get bothered anymore.

* Stand upright 

"The nasal aspirator can stand upright perfectly."   Absolutely!   Asia Connection emphasizes on Ergonomics for the latest version in particular. Instead of laying aside, our nasal aspirator can stand upright anywhere after using it. 

* Operated by two AA batteries

We only need two AA batteries to bed uses on the nasal aspirator and also reinforce the battery base to avoid any wreckage or rupture while exchanging the batteries.

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