Product Line

Manual Nasal Aspirators

Baby Nasal Aspirators

Quickly and Gently Clears Your Baby’s Nasal Congestion!

Portability, convenience and easiness to operate the the nasal aspirator 

Safe and Effective during operation!

● BPA and Phthalate Free!

● Biocompatible to human body!

● Mouth-piece: Silicone/PP material are selectable. 

Private logo and custom packaging and color welcome! (Based on MOQ)


How to Use: 
Step 1:
Lay your baby face-up on a changing table or hold him on your lap with his head on your knees.

Step 2: Insert the nose-piece gently into baby’s nostril and place the mouth-piece in your mouth.

Step 3: Inhale through the mouth-piece. Start slowly and gradually increase the suction strength until the mucus is sucked into the nasal aspirator.

Step 4: If the mucus is too dry or too thick, use some saline to soften the mucus before applying suction.

Clean Instructions:
Step 1:
Disassemble the parts.

Step 2: Clean the parts with warm water and soap after each use.

Step 3: Leave the parts dry before rejoining them.