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Airway Management Medical Products / Asia Connection Co., Ltd. is an FDA registered, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified organization in Taiwan, with design, OEM, and manufacturing capabilities.

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Located in Taiwan, Asia Connection Co., Ltd., since 1993, is a medical and homecare product manufacturer. FDA registered, ISO 13485 certified medical and homecare products sold in over 80 countries for over 40 years.

FDA registered medical products including nasal cannula, breast pump, nasal aspirator, CPR mask, pocket resuscitator, oral airway, mesh nebulizer, head immobilizer, etc. Asia Connection provides medical products especially designed to be used by the professional rescuers and first responders.

Asia Connection has been offering customers high-quality medical products, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Asia Connection ensures each customer's demands are met.

Airway Management

Airway Management Medical Products

Airway Management Medical Products
Airway Management Medical Products

Airway management is of critical concern to the safe administration of anesthesia. Our complete airway management range of products include oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways, endotracheal tubes, and laryngeal mask airways. Our airway management product portfolio offers a full range of sizes from adult to pediatric. Our assortment of airway management products are quality tested for reliability.

Our manufacturing process is in compliance with CE, ISO 13485 and FDA regulations. We provide our international customers with flexible private labeling options and low MOQs(200 pcs). Equipped with a team of experienced sales representatives and regulatory affairs staff, Asia Connection considers clients’ requests as its top priority and is dedicated to delivering better patient care products around the world.


Airway management includes a set of maneuvers and medical procedures performed to prevent and relieve airway obstruction, which can be caused by the tongue, foreign objects, the tissues of the airway itself, and bodily fluids such as blood and gastric contents. Airway management ensures an open pathway for gas exchange between a patient's lungs and the atmosphere, accomplished by either clearing a previously obstructed airway or by preventing airway obstruction in cases such as anaphylaxis, the obtunded patient, or medical sedation.

An oropharyngeal airway, also known as an oral airway or OPA, is an airway adjunct used by healthcare professionals to maintain or open the airway by stopping the tongue from covering the epiglottis. An oropharyngeal airway has four parts: the flange, the body, the tip, and a channel to allow for passage of air and suction. Oropharyngeal airways come in a wide range of sizes(40 mm to 110 mm) and are color coded for quick size identification. The correct size is chosen by measuring from the first incisors to the angle of the jaw.

A nasopharyngeal airway, also known as an NPA or nose hose, is a tube that is designed to be inserted into the nasal passageway to secure an open airway by trained staff. Typical nasopharyngeal airway sizes include 6.5 mm/28FR, 7.0 mm/30FR, 7.5 mm/32FR, 8.0 mm/34FR, and 8.5 mm/36FR.

An endotracheal tube, also known as ETT, is a flexible plastic tube that is placed through the mouth into the trachea(windpipe) to help a patient breathe, in cases when a patient is unable to breathe on his own. The available inner diameter sizes range from 3.0mm to 10.0mm in 0.5mm increments. For oral intubations, a 7.0-7.5mm ETT is generally appropriate for an average woman and a 7.5-8.5mm ETT for an average man.

A laryngeal mask airway, also known as laryngeal mask, is a medical device that keeps a patient's airway open during anesthesia or unconsciousness. Laryngeal Mask is composed of an airway tube that connects to an elliptical mask with a cuff which is inserted through the patient's mouth, down the windpipe, and once deployed forms an airtight seal on top the glottis allowing a secure airway to be managed by a health care provider. The available sizes range from 1.0mm to 50.0mm in 0.5mm increments.


  • Private labeling welcome
  • Regulations: CE, ISO 13485, FDA


We have many years of experience in export business and have shipped products to customers worldwide. Over the years we have established our reputation as a truly reliable and responsible business partner for our clients. Our full range of products complies with CE and FDA, and all products are inspected to ensure good quality prior to shipment. Browse our complete offerings of Airway Management products thoroughly and send us an inquiry today! Our experienced sales team will respond to your questions immediately!

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