Asia Connection Co., Ltd.

Asia Connection is a premier US supplier of medical and home healthcare products located in Asia since 1996. We focus on quality and have built our reputation from being associated with our parent company Pan Taiwan Enterprises established 30 years ago. With 100’s of our fastest moving products in stock we serve clients in the US, EU, Asia and the Middle East. Besides our headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, we also set up three offices in Dongguan, Ningbo and central Taiwan. These offices control the projects in China and Taiwan, maintain contact with all of our vendors and make regular quality inspections of our subcontractors in China and Taiwan. This allows us to provide more variety of goods and services to our customers with high quality and a fast response. Based on our 30-year experience in the business and extensive supply network, we are able to integrate customers’ requirements vertically from standard product supply, design feedback to the complete product assembly. Asia Connection is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 registered firm and most of our products are CE marked and/or FDA listed.

Product Line

Asia Connection Co., Ltd. has the industry experience and product capabilities to master the challenges of today’s high technology requirements. We are professional manufacturer of Nasal Aspirator, providing Nasal Aspirator, CPR Devices Supplier, Airway Management Product, Infant Care, Anaesthetic Masks with superior quality. We aren’t in the business of being the same as everyone else; Asia Connection Co., Ltd. has reliable well-performing products, credible partners and most of all a real focus on making our customers happy.
Asia Connection is a company specialized in Manual Resuscitator for Child, Reusable with Polysulfone Connector, Single-Head Stethoscope, Abdominal Binder, Color Coded Berman Airway (OPA Airway) and Disposable Silicone Laryngeal Mask. Our products are widely applied to medical and homecare .
All of the products made by Asia Connection are of high quality but priced reasonably.

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At Asia Connection Co., Ltd., we’re looking for professionals dedicated to providing excellent Nasal Aspirator, CPR Devices Supplier, Airway Management Product and outstanding customer service. We make a promise to our customers to take care of all their needs, and need team members who can help deliver on that promise. If you have other questions which are not answered, please visit our Contact Us.