• FDA Registered & ISO 13485 Certified
    FDA Registered
    & ISO 13485 Certified
  • Professional, Reliable, High Quality
    Reliable, High Quality
  • Great Care for You and Your Baby
    Great Care
    for You and Your Baby
  • Ships to Customers Globally
    Ships to Customers

Asia Connection, your most trusted partner for life.

Asia Connection Co., Ltd. is an FDA registered, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified organization in Taiwan, with design, OEM, and manufacturing capabilities.

We are right where you need us.

Established in 1993, Asia Connection specializes in supplying highest-quality medical and homecare products.

Our goal is to deliver excellent quality as well as the best possible customer service to our clients.

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  • CPR Masks and CPR Face Shields
    CPR Masks and CPR Face Shields

    Asia Connection supplies CPR Pocket Masks and CPR Face Shields. Our product offerings provide high quality, safe, reliable, and cost-efficient...

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  • Nasal Aspirators
    Nasal Aspirators

    Asia Connection offers high quality Nasal Aspirators and provides nasal relief solutions for your babies. Private labeling and customization...

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  • Breast Pumps
    Breast Pumps

    Asia Connection supplies high quality Breast Pumps which work quickly and efficiently for moms. The breast pumps are safe, biocompatible, and BPA & phthalate...

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