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Over 40 Years Certified Medical and Homecare Products Supplier | Asia Connection

Located in Taiwan, Asia Connection Co., Ltd., since 1993, is a medical and homecare product manufacturer. FDA registered, ISO 13485 certified medical and homecare products sold in over 80 countries for over 40 years.

FDA registered medical products including nasal cannula, breast pump, nasal aspirator, CPR mask, pocket resuscitator, oral airway, mesh nebulizer, head immobilizer, etc. Asia Connection provides medical products especially designed to be used by the professional rescuers and first responders.

Asia Connection has been offering customers high-quality medical products, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Asia Connection ensures each customer's demands are met.

Competitive Advantages

What makes Asia Connection stand out from the others?

Asia Connection Co., Ltd. - Competitive Advantages
Asia Connection Co., Ltd. - Competitive Advantages

Asia Connection is a dedicated supplier of medical and homecare products in Taiwan. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of quality products, including Manual Resuscitators, CPR masks and CPR face shields, Airway Management Devices, Oxygen Delivery Supplies, Nasal Aspirators, Breast Pumps, and Baby and Infant Care Products. We are an international company that serves the global market. Our firm commitment ensures that Asia Connection will provide the best possible value-added services and become true partners to our worldwide customers.

Asia Connection stands to become the primary sources that meet the growing worldwide demand. Asia Connection’s strategy is to improve service and develop a long-term collaboration by strengthening the bond between ourselves and our customers. We have accumulated years of international experiences and expertise, and have developed our values and competitive advantages such as:

FDA Registered, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified
Asia Connection is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company and our quality management system has been in compliance with the FDA Quality System Regulation. Our processes, procedures, and records are well documented which helps our company achieve our quality objectives and meet customer and regulatory requirements. We are committed to maintaining our quality management system and improving its effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis.
Superior Quality and Affordable Prices
Asia Connection’s products are quality assured and priced reasonably. Most of our products are FDA listed and follow CE regulations. We provide the most affordable prices to our worldwide customers and help them compete and make a profit in their own markets.
Timely Responses to Customers’ Questions
Asia Connection’s experienced sales team responds to customer phone calls and emails in a timely manner. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or questions and we will respond to your request immediately.
One Stop Service for Customers
Asia Connection provides a wide range of product offerings which are priced reasonably. Our portfolio includes Resuscitation, Airway Management, Suction, Oxygen, First Aid, Immobilization, Diagnostics, Thermometers, Baby Care, Nursing, Respiratory Care, Pregnancy Tests, and many more. In addition to our standard products, Asia Connection offers private label options and is flexible with customers’ special requirements. Over the years Asia Connection has become a one stop service provider for many international customers.
OEM/ODM Services Available
Asia Connection has been offering total solutions for customers’ contract manufacturing needs in both medical and non-medical fields. Asia Connection suggests suitable materials and manufacturing processes per customers’ product requirements. Vertically integrated from product design to delivery, we can provide you with everything you need from development, tooling, product assembly, to labeling and packaging services. You may tell us your idea or give us a reference sample and our experienced sales and R&D team will work closely and develop the tailor-made product with you.
Professional R&D team
Asia Connection is equipped with a team of dedicated R&D engineers with expert knowledge in molding and extrusion of silicone and plastic materials. Our professional R&D engineers are constantly developing new products and OEM/ODM projects with our customers. A primary strength of our R&D engineers and sales team is the knowledge of Risk Management. We perform comprehensive risk evaluation and eliminate potential risks when we design the product for you.
Strict Quality Control
Asia Connection has a team of well-trained inspectors who conduct Incoming Quality Control(IQC), In Process Quality Control(IPQC), and Final Quality Control(FQC) on our products strictly. All products are inspected to ensure good quality prior to shipment.
Great Trust and High Credibility
Asia Connection and its parent company Pan Taiwan Enterprise have established our reputation as a truly reliable supplier in serving our worldwide customers. We are D-U-N-S Registered and rated 3A1(minimal risk) by D&B.
40+ Years of Experiences in Exports
Since 1977, Pan Taiwan Enterprise and Asia Connection have exported products to over 80 countries in the world. We exhibit in international fairs and love to connect with people from different countries. We appreciate the opportunities to build and strengthen our relationship with our customers around the globe.
Asia Connection Competitive Advantages