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Home Use Devices for Better Care and Living / Asia Connection Co., Ltd. is an FDA registered, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified organization in Taiwan, with design, OEM, and manufacturing capabilities.

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Over 40 Years Certified Nursing and Infant Care Products | Medical and Homecare Products Manufacturing and Supply - Asia Connection

Located in Taiwan, Asia Connection Co., Ltd., since 1993, is a medical and homecare product manufacturer. FDA registered, ISO 13485 certified medical and homecare products sold in over 80 countries for over 40 years.

FDA registered medical products including nasal cannula, breast pump, nasal aspirator, CPR mask, pocket resuscitator, oral airway, mesh nebulizer, head immobilizer, etc. Asia Connection provides medical products especially designed to be used by the professional rescuers and first responders.

Asia Connection has been offering customers high-quality medical products, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Asia Connection ensures each customer's demands are met.

Nursing and Infant Care Products

Home Use Devices for Better Care and Living

Home Use Devices for Better Care and Living
Home Use Devices for Better Care and Living

Asia Connection's line of nursing and infant care products includes Nasal Aspirators, Baby and Infant Care Products, Breast Pumps, Maternity and Nursing Products, Maternity Belts, Nebulizer and Aerosol Spacers, and Pregnancy Tests. Our product offerings provide high quality, safe, reliable, and cost-efficient solutions for you and your baby. Browse our complete range of nursing and infant care products and send us an inquiry today. Our experienced sales team will respond to your inquiry immediately!

  • Nasal Aspirator - Nasal Aspirator removes congestion by suction.
    Nasal Aspirator
    Nose Cleaners

    Electric and manual nasal aspirators are portable and effectively remove mucus from children’s nostrils, either in hospital or home environment. Our nasal aspirators are CE certified and FDA listed, and are completely safe for newborns and toddlers while still powerful enough to suck all the mucus and snot out quickly. Our nasal aspirators are manufactured with medical-grade biocompatible materials which are BPA and Phthalate free.

  • Baby and Infant Care Products - Baby and Infant Care Products
    Baby and Infant Care Products
    Baby Electric Nail Trimmer/Baby Medicine Feeder/Baby Finger Toothbrush

    Baby and infant care products are designed to help you enjoy parenting with as little hassle as possible. Providing the best quality to the little ones is essential for parents because babies and young children require a great deal of attention and care. Our baby and infant care products include baby nail trimmer, pacifier medicine dispenser, and baby finger toothbrush.

  • Breast Pump - Manual breast pumps are powered by hand and require no electricity.
    Breast Pump
    Hand Breast Pumps

    Manual breast pumps provide ideal suction to ensure convenient pumping for moms at home or away. Our quality manual breast pumps are compact with easy portability. Our manual breast pumps have an ergonomic and easy-express handle to reduce hand fatigue. The silicone massage cushion is soft and suitable for the shape of the breast, achieving good sucking effect and stimulating milk expression. Our manual breast pumps are made with biocompatible and BPA free materials.

  • Maternity and Nursing Products - Maternity and Nursing Products
    Maternity and Nursing Products
    Nursing Pad/Breastmilk Storage Bag/Nipple Shield

    Maternity and nursing products are designed to make life easy for moms, providing comfort and support from pregnancy to birth and beyond. Our maternity and nursing products include breast shield, breastmilk storage bag, breast pad and more – a vital requirement for expectant and nursing moms.

  • Maternity Belt - Maternity Belt
    Maternity Belt
    Nursing Maternity Products

    Maternity belts support the stomach and stabilize hip and pelvic joints for pregnant moms. Our maternity belts support the abdominal area and helps ease the discomfort of pregnancy. Our maternity belts are fully adjustable and made of lightweight and breathable material which is comfortable for every day wear. The belly wraps help relieve symptoms like lower back pain and increased pelvic floor pressure during pregnancy.

  • Nebulizer and Aerosol Spacer - Nebulizer and Aerosol Spacer
    Nebulizer and Aerosol Spacer
    Nebulizer/Aerosol Spacer

    Nebulizer and aerosol spacer benefit people who suffer from short-term breathing problems such as asthma or long-term conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Our portable micromesh nebulizers vibrate at the top of the liquid reservoir and pressures out a mist of very fine particles with particle size less than 5 microns. Our micromesh nebulizers are handheld size, battery operated, low noise, and one key operated. Our micromesh nebulizers are suitable for distilled water and saline.

  • Pregnancy Tests - Pregnancy Tests
    Pregnancy Tests
    Pregnancy Detection Test Products

    Pregnancy tests come in three common forms: strip test, cassette test, and midstream test. Strip tests are dipped in a cup of urine sample; cassette tests require placing a certain amount of urine drops in a specified area in the test; while midstream tests will require placing the stick during the midstream flow of urine for a few seconds. Our range of pregnancy tests provides fast and accurate results. Our pregnancy test options are handy and affordable for those who are trying to conceive.

  • Kids Safety Products - Kids Safety Products
    Kids Safety Products
    Baby and Kids Protective Gear

    Kids safety products are designed to ensure that little children can be properly protected when they are exploring the outside world. Our kids safety products include earmuffs and safety glasses for kids. Most of our earmuffs and safety glasses are CE and ANSI certified.